First Meal

Well, we made it to Beijing - no trouble at all.

It's a vacation - let's eat!

Well, we made it to Beijing - no trouble at all... thank you United.
We even got a clear day so we could see the Great Wall from the
plane... wow. (understated? perhaps.)

These are some pics of the first day here (well, early evening, dinner, bed.)

Peking Duck at Quanjude - this place has served over 115 Million of these since 1864!  Ours was
115,290,695 - but who's counting*.

And yes, those are scorpions. Fried - remove the stinger before eating.  I had two.  Tracy?  Not so much. I wanted to say that they "taste like chicken", but they actually tasted like overcooked potato chips (with legs).

More later - assuming we can figure out how to publish this thing...

*The restaurant is counting - we have a certificate regarding the provenance of Daffy.

Posted: Wed - January 3, 2007 at 03:46 PM