Distraction - Bruce Sterling

This is the typical wandering plot and loose Sterling with just enough humor to keep you reading.

I think I don't like Sterling, even though he lives down the road from me. Okay, well, I only barely enjoy his novels enough to read them indiscriminately, that is, I don't read them all, and I don't read the reviews before diving in to any particular novel.

_Distraction_ was given to me by a friend, and it's definitely amusing and certainly entertaining. I have to say, it's much better than Gibson's _Pattern Recognition_ - not a good book (and read before this blog started.)

So there's this politico who's on tour like a rock-star (perhaps out of the hip-hop world) and he's wealthy, smart, and might not be human... 'cause it's the future and Brazil did some stem-cell research off the books. He's on the bus, and has invented a construction technique - yes, he's in construction and it's tainting his reputation. Did I mention that he doesn't consider himself human? Did I mention that I'm likely mixing the details of two characters? Is all this starting to sound like a cliche'? PKD themes go pulp? And yet, this is fun confluence of ideas - of not too loose and too slow. Bruce, write tighter, please.

Posted: Sat - June 12, 2004 at 03:46 PM