Stiff: The Secret Life of Cadavers - Mary Roach

I just finished _Stiff_ by Mary Roach... a book about cadavers. Interested?

This part of the iBlog entry is required - it's a 'body'. Personally, I'm glad to have one (a body that is.) Will I rescind my donor card? Well, I can tell you that after reading _Stiff_ that's something to consider.

Given the subject matter, I wonder if anybody read _Stiff_ by Mary Roach (other than Mary, her editor, and myself?) It's a book about what happens to bodies after they've been donated to science. It's obviously well researched and not always that gruesome. Okay - it's really quite amusing in many places... honestly, check it out.

Posted: Sat - December 13, 2003 at 10:22 AM