Eragon - Christopher Paolini

This is billed as the next great fantasy, post Potter. It's a good read, if not sporadic, with a nice world and a great take on magic.

The author of Eragon was 15 when he wrote this. He's clearly very well read in fantasy, there's a lot of derivative work here, but it's a good synthesis of other books in the genre with some very good nuances. At times I'd think "15, - are you kidding?" and other times, I was absolutely certain that an adolescent wrote the novel. Of course, I knew in advance.

It's a classic fantasy that subscribes the small-world hypothesis of most fantasy. You know the secrets by a process of elimination... not big surprises there. But, this is a very smooth and well-down bit of fantasy. I like that magic takes energy from not just the surroundings, but also from the magician. There's real danger in performing magic - that's a nice twist. There's also the Shades, and a good take on dwarves and elves... this is a good fantasy.

I'm looking forward to the promised sequel.

Posted: Mon - August 23, 2004 at 05:27 PM