The Halloween Fairy

A cheerleader for Halloween? Trade candy for toys and books - now that's a fairy.

KJ spent Halloween *week* dressed as a cheerleader... how exciting, how aggravating, but hey, "They get to make pyramids."

Anyway, the night was really fun. A street near us goes all fricking out on this night. The homes are decorated with lights, smoke tunnels, creepy crawlies and all manner of spooky paraphernalia. It rocks - and KJ loved it - collecting about 10 pounds of candy.

Enter the Halloween Fairy - who, if you leave candy out, will trade you a toy or book and take the candy to children who couldn't go out on Halloween. This is great - but it's not going to last. The morning after the fairy came, KJ wanted to know why she was so heavy (heard her coming up the steps, "doesn't she fly?") and "why did she take the candy AND the bowl? Where's our bowl?" Man, kids get critical quickly. There's just no magic in the new world of the 5 year old.

Posted: Wed - November 10, 2004 at 05:50 PM