First day at Kindergarten

Big day - happy Dad.

Tuesday was my daughter's first day of kindergarten. It wrecked me then made me deliriously happy.

I expected Kayleigh to be excited and dreading school all at once - but she's a constant source of surprise, she either hides the dread or it's just not there.

We play a game at dinner now - asking each person in turn in rounds, "what's the worst thing that happened to you today?" - after everyone has answered, the next round is 'what are the best things?" Kayleigh very rarely thinks something bad happened - even on days when she's had a row with a friend or some other trauma. I may stop this game - I don't want to train her to think differently than she does now. She's just pure joy with a wonderful attitude. Go figure - a constant surprise and source of deep pride.

How does this make me feel? Really really fortunate; she reminds me of all that is good every day and I can't imagine anything better than being a dad - especially her dad.

Posted: Mon - August 23, 2004 at 06:22 PM