Kayleigh Jae Spaulding

What does it all mean?

Kayleigh - Baby name sources will tell you that Kayleigh means 'one with keys' or 'rejoiceful'. While she certainly has the keys to our hearts, we'll go with the other meaning.

Here's our interpretation. "Kayleigh" is close to the Gaelic word Ceilidh, a traditional dance for times of celebration. Of course, Ceilidh is even harder to spell than Kayleigh - and even harder to pronounce when read. We also like the way Kayleigh looks on the page. So, our Kayleigh is the 'rejoiceful one'.

There is a sanskrit version, Cali or Kali. This is not what we were going for.

Jae - Funny spelling again, what's with these people? Actually, Kayleigh's Grandparents have or had the names (in no particular order), Arthur, Janice, Jennifer, and Jay. Hopefully, you can see how we are honoring our parents' with this spelling. (Ja, Je, A, you get it.)

Spaulding - duh.