Tue - Arrival

The passport actually arrived, after much consternation and risk-mitigation (yeah yeah, I'm a geek.)

The trip was uneventful - and Lufthansa serves up the booze.

Well, we made it to Oslo - with Kayleigh! Yes, that was a surprise.

You may not know the passport story... basically, this being a last minute trip and Kayleigh's recently expired passport led to a lot of stress. Of course she should come along; we might move there. Well, we had better get that passport renewed NOW. After a trip to the passport application joint in downtown Portland, we realized that we needed to either travel, all of us together, to Seattle and appear in person - or hire an expediter service to get the passport in time. So the expediter said, no, they guaranteed, that it would arrive on Friday or Saturday. I naturally took this to mean Saturday, but called on Thursday, and then Friday - just to be sure. "It'll be there tomorrow" was the answer on Friday. Well, they say that tomorrow never comes, but it did and the passport did not.

No passport on Saturday meant that we had to go to plan G, aka Granmere Jennifer. We called Mom and arranged for her to arrive Sunday night. She'll stay at the house and we would go to Oslo sans Kayleigh. Thank you Frontier for letting me use miles for this ticket... how cool is that?

Mom arrived Sunday night, and low and behold, the passport arrived Monday morning, a full 45 minutes before we had to leave for the airport! I don't mean to tell people how to do their jobs, but the expediter hadn't checked the Saturday-delivery box on the Fedex package. Oops. (pardon my lack of French.)

"Kayleigh, do you want to come to Oslo or stay here?"

"It'd be fine to stay with Grandma, but I want to go to Norway." (Mom tells a less 'diplomatic' version of Kayleigh's reply.)

"Go pack. I'll call Frontier and get Grandma a flight home. Tracy, please call Nancy to re-enlist as dogsitter... wait, call Nancy first - no dogsitter, no trip for Kayleigh."

Nancy rocks - she even came and drove us all to the airport... and Mom's flight left about 1.5 hours after ours. Wow.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Frontier and Nancy. My goodness.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Mom - being on call, flying to Portland, flying to Denver, all in 24 hours - so amazing.

And so we ALL made the flight to Oslo.

I'll spare you the details of the travel - same old story about too-short layovers, delays, security, etc. Oh, Lufthansa does serve a mean bloody Mary.

When we arrived, we waited for the rest of our friends to arrive at the airport; then we headed off to our friends of friend's house (where does that apostrophe go?) - and the grocer, and the beds... so nice to be here.

Did I mention the frozen pizza for dinner? The Lonely planet recommended it... go figure. I'm certain we got the wrong brand.

Posted: Tue - February 20, 2007 at 11:37 PM