Sun - February 25, 2007

Sun - The flight home

Time to sadly leave, but also to go home.

So there we were, rushing through Frankfurt, losing hope, but still making the bus to the plane.
And when we got on the bus?

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Sat - February 24, 2007

Sat - Some more of Oslo

10 or 15 minutes - muffins, and sort-of affordable crab!

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Fri - February 23, 2007

Fri - New Friends

Today is the day to get a feel for Oslo. We started by shopping in the city center (not books), had lunch, shopped, and then went back to the house for a home cooked meal and more aquavit. (oh goody)

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Thu - February 22, 2007

Thu - Hanging out.

Sun (the company), more books, hanging around, and a visit to the Oslo Aikido Dojo.

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Wed - February 21, 2007

Wed - The King's Birthday.

Nice party - it's good to be King. You should have seen the window decorations!

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Tue - February 20, 2007

Tue - Arrival

The passport actually arrived, after much consternation and risk-mitigation (yeah yeah, I'm a geek.)

The trip was uneventful - and Lufthansa serves up the booze.

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