Sat - Some more of Oslo

10 or 15 minutes - muffins, and sort-of affordable crab!

After recuperating from the party... I'm keeping this short, I think we spent the morning relaxing, and sleeping. Well, all of us except Berit. Berit got up am made a HUGE breakfast spread... I've no idea how she did it.

After the breakfast, we left for the town center, to shop a tad (an organizer/translater?), and then head to Vigeland... a walk seemed in order.

Of course, we first stopped at the palace to the see the now, hopefully, complete iceworks. That was great - here are some pic(s). Yes, it's ice at the palace.

Note that the King was given a lovely statue of the queen on his birthday - she's now unwrapped and ready for the first pigeon of spring.

So we started walking - it seemed as if the park would not be too far... about 15 minutes. After walking for 5 minute we asked for directions. "Go that way, 10 or 15 minutes."

5 more minutes, asking again, "Go that way, 10-15 minutes", and so on. And so on...

And finally we arrived at Vigeland park, which Kayleigh deemed "inappropriate for a seven year-old." Hey, it's art, and she is almost 8.

After looking at the nude statues, which were quite clean (perhaps there are no pigeons in Norway?) we stopped of for a snack. Kayleigh had chocolate muffinS - yes, two! I'm still not sure how that happened.

Well, after that snack we thought about walking to the wharf area - how far could it be? 10 or 15 minutes? Yes! It was! By cab!

We wandered around the mall as James wanted gloves - there were none to be had. Apparently real Norwegians don't wear gloves after the new year.

We also bought a toy for Kayeligh (which included a long "discussion" about spending money wisely and buying something you'll enjoy for a while... to no avail.) Haven't seen that toy since - so much for a decent souvenir for KJ. (Update - it's JULY - no toy.)

And now, dinner! You guessed it, there's great King crab available, and it's reasonably priced, only 50% more than in the US. Yes!

And finally, "home" to the hotel - we have an early, early, flight. Did I say 'early?'

Posted: Sat - February 24, 2007 at 10:41 AM