Wed - The King's Birthday.

Nice party - it's good to be King. You should have seen the window decorations!

Our first day in Oslo called for me to tagalong to business meetings in the morning - that was most interesting (well, to me). Meanwhile, Tracy and Kayleigh were visiting the (under renovation) the International School; should we move here, they're it for instruction in English. They have a 3 student deep waiting list for 3rd grade... :-( But, the parts that T and K did see seemed quite nice. Oh, the principal is from Minnesota - I can hear the sing-song gabbing between her and T now...

After the morning's agenda, we went to the top of the Radisson for lunch.

After lunch, we went shopping (Dale of Norway) and then to the Palace for the King's birthday party. Dare I call him Johan? IS that even his name? We did see quite a lot of people arriving, but no, they wouldn't let us in. Maybe next year.

Oh, we then made a second visit to a second Dale of Norway outlet. You know, sweaters... they're like Starbucks, everywhere... (well, if there were Starbucks in Norway, that is.) Why do I mention the sweaters? Well, I haven't mentioned how darned expensive Oslo is yet - so here goes. The ski sweater (granted, meant to be outerwear so is very technical and nice) that I thought I might want was $500. Eek. But hey, a latte is only $8. (No Starbucks, but Norwegians drink more coffee per capita than anyone in the world. That's as a nation, I'm sure Portland has them beat - maybe.)

While we were shopping, we also bought some live flowers for our hosts - hopefully I can dig up a picture, they're quite beautiful. I'll spare you the details about the price.

Alex had decided he needs an electronic English-Norsk dictionary - which is a fine excuse to go to bookstores... so that's we did. Shockingly, there are books in Norway ;-) Oslo has some rather nice stores (we saw them all, I think.) The one thing they don't have is English-Norsk electronic dictionaries.

We returned to the homestead and decide to walk to the burger bar, just up the road, for a take-out dinner. This place is take-out only, close to the house, and actually quite good. Apart from burgers, there was fish, chicken, pizza (with corn), kebabs (with corn, and in pita, huh?)... did I mention the corn? I think it was in the french fries too.

Posted: Wed - February 21, 2007 at 11:41 PM