Uses of Interface

Packages that use iReflectiveVisitor

Uses of iReflectiveVisitor in com.iotabits.examples.revisitor

Classes in com.iotabits.examples.revisitor that implement iReflectiveVisitor
static class BinaryTreeNode.BinaryTreeNodePrinter
static class GraphNode.GraphPrinter
          Our simple visitor.

Methods in com.iotabits.examples.revisitor with parameters of type iReflectiveVisitor
 void GraphNode.accept(iReflectiveVisitor visitor)
          Graph traversal
 void GraphNode.traverse(iReflectiveVisitor visitor)
          If we could make the accept private, we would.
 void BinaryTreeNode.accept(iReflectiveVisitor visitor)

Uses of iReflectiveVisitor in com.iotabits.revisitor

Classes in com.iotabits.revisitor that implement iReflectiveVisitor
 class BasicReflectiveVisitor
          This class an abstract class that implements the Visitor pattern via reflection.

Methods in com.iotabits.revisitor with parameters of type iReflectiveVisitor
 void iVisitable.accept(iReflectiveVisitor visitor)
          Dispatches this object to the revisitor.
 void BasicVisitable.accept(iReflectiveVisitor visitor)
          Dispatches this object to the revisitor.